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Kaiwaka Bugle, Staying in touch

Our third issue for 2021 is up now.

The Bugle is a community paper - you can get involved! Don’t hold back if you come up with anything you’d like to share just pass it on to our editor.

Entries open for Top of the Rock 2021

You can get the PDF entry form here or use the online entry form at the KSA website - all the instructions are on the form! If you want to email the completed paper, just a picture from your phone will do as long as it’s legible for us - entries are processed by real humans so we will try and be as flexible as possible to accommodate anyone who wants to join in the fun.

Does 5k seem like a lot? Consider the Couch to 5k training programme! 3 days a week, taking a full rest day between workouts will have you running 5km in 9 weeks even if you don’t walk today - so if you start that, you’ll be able to do the TOTR 5km walk safely and with ease.

Tennis Postponed

The tennis events planned for this coming Anniversary weekend have been postponed as a result of the COVID-19 events occurring in lower Northland; the 71st Tennis Tournament is now being planned for the 27th and 28th February, and we’ve updated the online copy of the Bugle to reflect that!

Top of the Rock 2021

Organizing for Top of the Rock 2021 is under way - the date is set for 7th March, using the same course as last year’s very successful event. Anyone wanting to help us sponsor the event, please drop us a note at totr@kaiwaka.co.nz

The KSA unfortunately lost its original website last year but thanks to Andy Griffith we do have a new one set up at http://www.kaiwakasport.co.nz/ which we’ll be using as well as through the Bugle and Facebook.

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